Supporting UNISON members when life gets tough

There for you pictureThere for you (UNISON Welfare) is UNISON's own registered charity offering a unique confidential service supplying advice and support just for UNISON members and their families.

Financial Advice: If you are a member and you are experiencing financial difficulties, whatever the circumstances, There for You can offer you support.

Wellbeing Breaks: Wellbeing breaks can provide welcome relief from stress and respite from difficult circumstances. We can help you towards the costs of a break, depending on your financial situation.

General advice: There for You provides a confidential service for members over the phone or in person if you are experiencing personal difficulties.

UNISON Debtline: The service is available to all our members to help you manage money and deal with debt. We offer free confidential advice to help you clear your debts.

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For more information on UNISON's welfare services, please call the branch on 01709 376 933

Benefits for UNISON members

Financial help

If you, or a colleague you know (has to be a UNISON member), is in need and you think we might be able to help with a grant, please contact your branch welfare officer or branch secretary in the first instance, however please see below

Download the form in PDF format pdf logo

Your application will be reviewed by a caseworker at National Office who will make a recommendation. Part of the form is for your UNISON branch to complete but, if you are unable to make contact with them or for personal reasons do not wish to involve them, you may send the form direct to UNISON Welfare. Applications are normally processed within two weeks on receipt at national office if all the necessary information has been provided. In exceptional cases we can reach a decision more quickly.


Wellbeing breaks
We are aware of the pressures on UNISON members and the many obstacles to achieving a happy and healthy work life balance. Our well being breaks can provide welcome relief from the stresses of daily life and the space and time to reflect away from difficult or depressing circumstances.

We can help with all or part of the costs of a break depending on your financial situation.

The wellbeing breaks include:

  • family holidays and outings
  • get well breaks
  • breaks in other special circumstances e.g. for carers and following bereavement

The breaks are delivered in partnership with the Family Holiday Association, a national charity that specialises in providing holidays for families in need. For example, they can arrange a stay in self-catering accommodation in a chalet or caravan at selected UK holiday centres. UNISON’s award winning Croyde Bay holiday village in Devon is a popular destination with members. Alternatively, you can organise accommodation of your own choosing in the UK.

Download a guide to UNISON Welfare wellbeing breaks pdf logo

Download the Wellbeing breaks application form pdf logo


UNISON Welfare Debtline
Many people fall into debt at some point in their lives. Sometimes all it takes is a small change in circumstances to tip the balance and turn a manageable situation into a debt problem.

At UNISON Welfare we are used to helping members who are struggling to cope with the stress and worry of debt. Through our partners at Payplan we can provide you with free and confidential advice to help clear your debts.

With Payplan's debt mangement plan you get:
  • Reduction of multiple debts to a single payment
  • Choice of payment methods including PayPoint cash option
  • An assigned case officer to call for advice throughout the repayment programme
  • Supported self-help if you prefer
  • A completely free service with no hidden charges
Payplan's debt mangement plan is paid for by the credit industry so every penny of your repayments goes towards your debts unlike some debt management companies who charge a fee.

This is just one of the ways they can help and you will be offered a solution that best meets your individual circumstances.

Payplan's advisers are aware of the types of grant that UNISON Welfare can offer and will refer you to us if they think we can help to ease your situation.

Contact details

Telephone UNISON Welfare Debtline Freephone 0800 389 3302 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm Saturdays

UNISON Welfare Debtclinic, the online version of our debt advice service, contains advice and debt information and outlines some of the main debt problems. There are also diagnostic tools to help you set up the best recovery plan for your particular problem. Like UNISON Welfare Debtline the service is completely free to UNISON members.