UNISON's campaigns

UNISON encourages its members to take responsible action and get involved. So check our active campaign issues in the UK and around the globe.

Protect our pensions

UNISON is working to defend good pension schemes and improve and promote affordable, decent pensions for all our members, wherever you work. We negotiate changes to improve pensions on behalf of our members, and defend the pensions of members who are transferred between employers - from the public to the private sector. See more here...

Links to our National Website

A Million Voices for Public Services
We want to see changes that put people before profit and public interest before private greed.

Academies - defend your school
UNISON is stepping up its campaigning against the Academies Bill (England) which the government is seeking to rush through by the end of July.

Our NHS Our Future
Campaign to protect the NHS and ensure it remains a public service that gives quality services that are local, easy to access and free when we need them.

Ensuring your retirement is not blighted by poverty.

Equal Pay
UNISON is working hard to ensure all our members get fair treatment and equal pay at work.

Stop the BNP
Fighting for an inclusive multicultural society that values all its members equally, irrespective of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Health and safety
UNISON is fighting to make work a safer place.

Find out how UNISON is driving the global trade union agenda.

Defend the public library service
UNISON has launched a new campaign to save the nation's libraries.

Speaking up for social workers
UNISON's campaign for a better deal for social workers.